Top Rated Polygel Kit Options 2022

If you feel like you’ve been spending way too much time and money on regular visits to your manicurist, then it might be time to try a polygel kit. Polygel is known for being more flexible and easier to work with than traditional acrylic, making it the ideal option for a beautiful manicure at home.

Those who have tried polygel nails swear they won’t go back, and for a good reason. If you want to keep your nail game strong but want to cut on your salon appointments, you can do so with the best polygel kit you can find. These kits bring everything necessary to get you the perfect polygel nail salon style you’ve been dreaming of.

If you have recently become interested in polygel nails, you should know that these offer all the greatness of acrylics but are much more flexible, and just who wouldn’t like more flexible nails, right? And the best part is that you can learn how to do polygel nail designs right in the comfort of your own home, with the right poligel kit.

A polygel kit can get you fantastic polygel nails that aren’t only easy to apply, but they also offer the durability of a great manicure, a great option for those who think of their nails as an essential part of their overall look. If you wish to learn more about polygel nails and how to do them yourself at home, check out our top-rated polygel kit options down below.

Polygel Intro

What is polygel? Glad you asked. Simply put, it’s a gel formula with a toothpaste-like tube to deposit color onto your nails. It has the durability of an acrylic nail with all the control you have in regular nail polish.

If you want to keep your nail game strong but want to cut on your salon appointments, you can do so with the best polygel kit you can find.

Choosing the best Poligel Kit Tips

  • Select a kit that has a LED light instead of a UV light. Experts say that LED lights still emit UV radiation but at lower levels than UV light, and they also cure the nails faster, decreasing UV exposure.
  • One way to tell whether your polygel kit is good quality is by checking the removal process because if it includes a lot of abrasiveness to the natural nail, that means the product isn’t formulated well.
  • Make sure the kit brings all the tools you need to build beautiful nails in your own home.
  • Many great kits are available online with various color options; choose a top-rated one that works for your budget and style.
  • Choose good-quality products, as cheaper ones can harm your nails and interfere with your natural nail growth and smoothness. Poor-quality gels are also not durable and chip quickly. Avoid toxic chemicals.
  • Opt for full-size products to reap maximum benefits. There are kits that offer different sizes, so ensure that the amount lasts multiple applications.

What’s inside a polygel kit

  • Polygel tube. A smooth texture is absolutely essential for a shiny finish. It has to complement the size and shape of the nail as well. Look for a poly gel that does not dry up in the bottle and has a good consistency.
  • Dual forms or nail forms. Both are a shell that is placed over the nail to sculpt. One of the biggest differences between the two is that dual forms are multi-use, and nail forms are single-use.
  • Base coat and top coat. These are two staples you should use whenever you DIY a manicure, as they aid in prepping and sealing the nails.
  • LED light. An LED nail lamp helps to cure the nail, a.k.a. harden the polish.
  • A sculpting brush (with a spatula). If you want to use a designated gel sculpting brush with a square tip, think of it as a paintbrush.
  • Rubbing alcohol. This is used to wet the brush, so the polygel doesn’t completely adhere to it.

How To Do Polygel Nails using a polygel kit

  1. File your nails. This helps smooth any ragged edges, so you start with a smooth surface that enhances lasting power.
  2. Choose the dual or nail forms that fit your fingers. This is an optional step, as you can also overlay the polygel on natural nails. If you do use a dual form, your kit will likely come in different sizes.
  3. Apply your base coat. Apply a base coat and cure it under an LED light. The amount of time underneath the light will depend on your kit, but a good rule of thumb is 60 seconds.
  4. Dip your brush in the included slip/alcohol-based solution. This is an important step, as it allows you to move the polygel around on the dual form (or natural nail) without the gel excessively sticking to the brush.
  5. Squeeze polygel on the dual form or nail. Using your brush, evenly spread the polygel on the dual form and sculpt it into the desired shape. If using a dual form, press the polygel-coated dual form on your nail to adhere.
  6. Set the polygel. Cure your nails underneath the LED light to set the polygel. If using a dual form, remove it.
  7. Shape your nails. Cut, file, and shape your nails to your desired look.
  8. Cure nails. Apply the top coat and cure your nails under the LED light one last time.

Top Rated Poligel Kit

Mobray Poly Gel Nail Kit 6 Colors with UV LED Nail Lamp

This polygel kit is super easy to use; you won’t struggle to try to use the poly nail gel kit. The instructions for using the extension gel are detailed and yet simple to understand. Do more practice; even if you are a beginner, you can also do it.

Optimal layout beads enable the light to achieve evenly irradiation and fast curing without a dead zone. It is an essential tool for nail art technicians and beginners, and you can DIY nail art at home instead of going to the salon.

Fast curing with all your favorite nail gel brands from beginner to professional grades. The UV LED nail light can fast cure all gel nail polishes, such as base & top coat, color gel, glitter gel polish, polygel, sculpture gel, gem glue, etc.

Tip from users: Different types of gel polish may need different curing times due to the difference in the ingredient.

Makartt Rainbow Poly Nail Gel Kit

On Sale Today Makartt Rainbow Poly Nail Gel Kit

With this all-in-one gorgeous nail builder gel starter kit that comes with seven different amazing colors, you can create many special gel nails. Just start for your extension gel DIY nail art at home.

This new builder gel Rainbow Color trial kit is better and more friendly for nail technicians, nail lovers, and nail starters to try their best for beautiful extension nail art.

The 50ML tube of nail extension gel is of full white color, perfect to use as a french nail tip and create a snow white effect, suitable for creating a nail extension in different shapes like square nails, oval nails, coffin nails, or french nails, also perfect to mix with other colors to create a lighter color.

Tip from users: Not only can you apply the gel directly as an overlay to shine your nail or do nail extensions with dual forms or nail forms, but you can also do any LED/UV nail decorations, both home manicure and professional salon.

Makartt Blue Poly Nail Gel Kit with Nail Lamp Bundle

On Sale Today Makartt Blue Poly Nail Gel Kit with Nail Lamp Bundle

The bundle comes with a blue poly nail gel set in blue premium packaging, which includes four popular colors and a 6W mini pocket size, with a micro USB port and USB line.

This kit creates special stunning poly nail arts and is a convenient way to deliver strong, flexible, feather-light nails extension.

This blue poly gel manicure set is perfect for professional salons or home use on multiple occasions. By using the 6W mini quick-drying nail lamp, any special beautiful poly nail art could be cured in 1-3 minutes.

What Our Testers Say

My favorite brand of polygel!

Tip From Users: Filing your nails, keeping your nails clean and oil-free, and applying a base coat before using poly nail gel make your poly nail design a brilliant art.

Modelones Poly Nail Gel Set

Well-selected 12 colors of 10g fashionable and fascinating poly nail gel, which are very suitable for mixing and matching various colors to create colorful nail art, allowing you to enjoy a salon-like comfort at home.

The 120pcs artificial nails plastic forms offer 12 different sizes. Pre-numbered 0-11 on tips, fit most fingers and choose the suitable size conveniently.

The poly nail gel features innovative all Toxin-Free Ingredients and botanical extracts formula to give nails high endurance & long-lasting strength, which is cruelty-free, low odor, and safe on natural nails.

Tip from users: If you want to change the nail art style and remove the nail extension gel, you can file it down and then buffer it.

Makartt With Stefy Handheld Nail Drill Kit Bundle

All In One Glitter Nail Extension Gel Kit includes: 30ml natural pink extension gel; 30ml bright white extension gel; 30ml clear extension gel; 6 glitters 10g powders with Fine dark blue, fine light pink, fine silver, fine white, sequins silver, sequins sky blue.

Dual forms 60 pieces in 12 sizes; Dual-ended nail brush and spatula; 50pcs golden nail extension forms; One nail file; 1 Piece of 24w nail lamp; 8ml top coat and 8ml top coat.

This kit is bundled with six multi-purpose drills and supported with six sanding belts, which is why the drill is tailored for each customer’s needs and uses.

The stefy drill was strategically innovated for multi-faceted use, including; easy grinding; carving; cutting; polishing; removing gel polishes and cuticles across various nail forms.

Tip from users: To prevent the gel from sticking to the brush or other nail extension gel tools, you can dip the brush in a slip solution.

Common Question About Polygel Kit

Is Polygel hard to do with a polygel kit?

Polygel is far harder and more durable than regular gel but more flexible and easier to work with than traditional acrylic, making it the ideal option for crafting salon-style nails at home.

Can you do designs on Polygel nails?

Gel-polish colors can be applied over the product, and Gelish can be mixed with PolyGel to create a design.

Are Polygel nails better than gel nails?

When applied correctly, polygel is actually sturdier than hard gels. Experts describe polygel nails as strong, flexible, and feather-light, which means they’re durable but still feel like natural nails.

Are gel nails and Polygel the same?

Polygel can be applied as an overlay on your natural nails or as a nail enhancement. It is still cured under UV light but much lighter than gel and acrylic nails.

It also has a much lighter fragrance, which is great for people that like the look of acrylics but can’t stand the smell.

How long do Polygel nails designs last?

If applied properly, Polygel nail designs will typically last for 21 days before needing maintenance. It’s a completely buff-off system.

Can Polygel dry without UV light?

Thankfully, there are alternative ways to cure gel polish with less UV exposure.

While only an LED lamp can cure your polish as quickly and effectively as a UV light, using non-UV gel polish, applying a drying agent, or soaking your nails in ice water could also work.

How to remove polygel nails?

The best polygel kit should offer a removing polygel nail solution. You’ll likely have to file some of it off like you do when removing acrylic nails, and then use acetone with a cotton ball wrapped around the nail, as you do for your gel manicures.

Polygel Kit Video Tutorial

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